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Gnocchi always helps - Sage, South End

After a really dismal day on Sunday, I told R, I needed to go and have a nice meal. I decided on Sage, as I knew I could depend on the restaurant to deliver a stellar meal.


We tried two of their “enoteca” - small bites. The white anchovy crostini was three small, whole anchovies on small rectangles of bread that wasn't toasted enough. I found the bite too acidic and the bread a little soggy. The other enoteca was the arancini, a fried risotto, short rib and Parmesan ball. It was served with a truffled aioli. These were absolutely delicious, a perfect bar snack.


For appetizers, R had a half order of the sublime gnocchi. How the gnocchi is served changes frequently, on Sanday it was with rabbit and mushrooms. It was a perfect blend of fall flavors with fluffy tender gnocchi. I had braised veal cheeks atop a squash flan. The veal was excellent, but I thought the flan was a little too sweet. Plus, I wanted some more contrast in texture; the veal was meltingly tender, and the flan was soft and velvety. I think an addition component for crunch would have elevated the dish. R loved both the appetizers.


I knew I was going to order the spaghetti carbonara as soon as I opened the menu, after all, I was looking for comfort food and what is more comforting (other than mashed potatoes, of course)? Sadly, I found the pasta a little too al dente for my taste and the dish was a smidgen too salty. R's grilled ribeye was excellent; it was flavorful and perfectly cooked. We really liked the broccoli rabe it was served with, it's bitter edge cut through the richness of the steak. It also came with potato cheese croquettes and there's nothing wrong with fried gooey potato goodness.


If you are thinking we've ordered a lot of food, you would be correct. If you think it stopped us from ordering dessert, you would be wrong. We got the chocolate budino (Italian pudding cake) and the apple bread pudding. Both were good, neither were outstanding, besides we would probably too full to notice anyways. We probably should have skipped dessert, but what kind of comfort meal doesn't end in chocolate?


When I told someone that I was going to Sage to recover from the day I got back a text that read:


“Gnocchi always helps.”


Yes, it does.


Tags: boston, restaurant review, south end
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