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Met Burger Bar, Natick

R and I were in the Natick Mall on Saturday (I refuse to call it the Collection, it’s too pretentious for words) and we decided to grab lunch at the Met Burger Bar. The concept is simple, there are a dozen different preset combo you can order, or you can “make your own” with a page long list of toppings from fois gras to kimchi.


I went with the “Paris,” it had brie, caramelized onions, a sunny side egg and truffle mayo. It was a heart attack in a sesame bun.  My burger was a nice medium rare, but it’s hard to taste the meat under all the toppings. I liked the combination of the flavors, but what do you get if you put liquid egg yolk, mayo, melted brie and soft onions together? It’s a slippery mess. I’m surprised the burger didn’t come shooting out of the bun and hit R in face with my first bite. I should have added lettuce for some traction.


R went with the “LA” which had avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and roasted garlic mayo. He told them to nix the sprouts and add blue cheese instead. He enjoyed his burger immensely.


The burgers came with fries that R described as “upscale McDonald’s,” You can decide for yourself if that is good or bad. The burger also comes with pickles, very tart dill pickles. We got a black and white shake (chocolate and vanilla). It was very flat and bland tasting.


The bill came to $35 with tax and tip, kinda pricey for 2 burgers and a shake. If you are in the Natick mall, I would go to Sel de la Terre instead.

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