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Oga, Natick

I have been craving sushi for weeks now, but it seemed like every time R and I decided to go something would get in the way and no sushi for me. Tonight, we went to Oiishi in Chestnut Hill, only to pull up to a dark and closed restaurant. But I was not to be thwarted yet again; a quick U-turn in to a one-way street (the wrong way) and we were back on Rt. 9 heading west to Natick and Oga’s.


Oga’s has all the traditional Japanese dishes: sushi, tempura, udon and teriyaki, but they also offer “modern Japanese” cuisine that I have not seen at other restaurants, using ingredients like prosciutto, cheese and pine nuts. That said, as interesting as it looked, I was craving sushi, not zucchini with yam noodles.


We were boring; we went with the sushi and sashimi dinner for 2 ($48) with a side order of unagi (eel) and ohtoro (fatty tuna belly). The dinner for 2 came on a large wooden boat, which R loved. It had a pedestrian assortment of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, whitefish and mackerel, as well as a California roll and a spicy tuna roll. The fish slices were thick and glistening; cut well and very fresh tasting. The extra eel and tuna we ordered were excellent. Ohtoro looks like a very well marbled piece of beef and is melt in your mouth good. At $12 for 2 pieces, I guess it should be.


Parking is easy and the service was attentive. The décor is a gleming combo of bamboo and stainless steel. It was a little on pricey side ($80 with tax and tip) for a Monday night. I think we will probably stick to Toraya for future sushi cravings.



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