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Liquid Crack, aka cream of wheat

The Neighborhood restaurant on Bow St. in Somerville serves up a ton of food at cheap prices. We love going for breakfast. They have these muffin-sized custard like pastries that come in the bread basket that they call “popovers” but resemble no popover I've ever encountered. Hubby loves their cream of wheat, to the point where he renamed it liquid crack, because it's that good and that addictive. He's also sick, so in addition to the jook, he really wanted some liquid crack for dinner. With lots of experimenting and tinkering, I think I have a close approximation. It's simple to make and perfect on a cold day.


Liquid Crack

Makes 1 serving

1 C milk

¼ Heavy cream

1/8 t Salt

2 ½ T Cream of wheat (not instant!!!)

1 T Butter

1 t Vanilla

3 T Brown sugar

dash of cinnamon and nutmeg to taste

Bring milk, cream and salt to a gentle boil, slowly add cream of wheat, while whisking. Continue to whisk occasionally for 2 minutes till thickened. Whisk in the rest of the ingredients.

Tags: breakfast, recipe
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