gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Wow, they ate crappy food in the 60's

We had a Mad Men mini marathon last night, so what food do you serve for a early 60's themed show? The Boston Globe suggested: Triscuits, spray-on cheese, maraschino cherries, pigs in blankets, chicken tetrazinni, Jell-O marshmallow salad, cream cheese-filled celery sticks and deviled eggs. Oy. Bri emailed me that he did not believe that I would ever serve spray on cheese. I showed him. What I wouldn't do for a theme. :)


I made a tuna casserole, pigs in a blanket and yes, I had triscuits with “easy cheese.” I also had some regular cheese for the squeamish. I guess it would have been more authentic to find a recipe that used cream of mushroom soup, but I went with the Cook's Illustrated tuna casserole recipe that involved 20oz of crimini mushrooms and making your own roux and breadcrumbs. It turned out okay. I think I just don't like tuna casserole all that much. As for the pigs in a blanket, I got Jones' brown and serve links, I nuked those babies and wrapped them in Pillsbury crescent roll dough. They were bad, but so oh so good.


As for the spray cheese, it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Do you remember the Kraft handi-snacks, with 3 rectangular crackers, the plastic red bar for spreading the cheese that was in it's separate square compartment? It was just like that. One taste and I was back in the 5th grade. Food is amazing that way, how the smell of fried clams can transport you to the beach or how the taste of plastic-y cheese makes you feel like you are 11.


Yup, what I wouldn't do for a theme.

Tags: main course, recipes

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