gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Butterscotch Lollypops

During some recent Christmas shopping at the Burlington mall, I walked by a See's candy kiosk. For those who don't know, See's is a old time confectioner that started in 1921 on the West coast. My first encounter was in college when my roommate, Joanna, would bring them back from Oregon. She would always bemoan the fact she couldn't get them in New York. Luckily, See's is now available in stores on this side of the Mississippi. The salesperson offered a free sample of their butterscotch lollipops. It was a damn good lollipop. It was like a block of Werther's on a stick, but with a deeper and more complex caramel flavor. I loved it. They also come in vanilla, latte and chocolate. I definitely need to try the other flavors and get more of the butterscotch!


Tags: candy, dessert
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