gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

#83 – Epoisses

“Are you sure it isn’t rotting?” R asked as he sniffed the pungent cheese. I told him that I was sure it was fine, as Epoisses is renowned for its strong odor, to the point where it is banned from French public transportation (kind of the way Durian is banned in Southeast Asia).  It was New Year’s Eve and we had dinner at Mj and Brian’s. They prepared a lovely garlic and rosemary pork loin roast, and a roasted beet and goat cheese salad. I made some mashed potatoes to round out the meal.


We all smelled the cheese, acknowledged that it was indeed stinky and then bravely dove in. The cheese certainly tasted better than it smelled. It was a very soft, ripe, cow’s milk cheese with a nutty flavor. It was underwhelming, I thought for a cheese to make the 100 things to try list it would be much more special.


17 more to go.

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