gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Petsi’s Pies, Somerville

When R carpools with Justin, his route home takes him by Petsi’s pies in Somerville, so he can’t resist stopping by and getting some treats. Tonight he brought home a mini pecan pie for himself and a lemon square and a lemon scone for me. The lemon square was excellent as always with a buttery crust and a filling that walked the fine balance between sweet and tart.


I was surprised at how tasty the lemon scone was. As a general rule, I avoid scones, as they are usually akin to a dry hockey puck. However, I love enjoy Petsi’s fig and brown sugar scones, they are moist and tender enough to have on its own (without coffee to help it). Like the fig scone, the lemon was moist and tender, and there was bright lemon flavor.


I’m really impressed by their scone skills. Stop by and try one. Pick up a lemon chess pie while you are there.

Tags: dessert, somerville
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