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Sichuan Garden II, Woburn

I was stuck in Woburn for jury duty last week, so I got to have lunch with Steve, who works nearby. I was skeptical when he suggested Sichuan Garden, but it was close by and Chinese food is usually speedy. If you know Woburn at all, you have seen this restaurant. It is in a large three story yellow house, visible from the route 38 rotary. The building is known as Baldwin Mansion and it was built in 1661. It was been on the National registrar of historic places since 1971. What a weird place to have a Chinese restaurant. It's sad really, because you still see some of the beautiful detailing and can imagine that it might have been quite nice in it's heyday. But now the building is in such disrepair; there is scotch tape holding up the falling, flaking plaster above patrons as they eat their sweet and sour chicken.


Anyways, on to what's really important, the food. The lunch menu was filled with the usual suspects (General Gao's, beef and broccoli, etc. etc.) and all meals came with the ubiquitous choice of soup (hot and sour or egg drop) appetizer (egg roll or chicken wings) and rice (fried or white). I went with General Gao's and I think Steve had the chicken with mushroom and pea pods.


The food was what you would expect for an American Chinese restaurant in Woburn. The soup was beyond gross, but fake egg drop soup always is. I don't know why I bother with it. My chicken was fine, fried well and coated with a sauce that wasn't too sickly sweet. Steve finished his chicken; he said it was fine. The one notable thing was the chicken wings. Instead of a normal dusting of flour, at Sichuan Garden, they batter them in the same batter as the chicken fingers, resulting in a lighter, airy crust. I don't know if I really liked it, but at least it was something unusual.


Sichuan Garden: perfectly adequate if you are stuck in Woburn on jury duty, otherwise, keep going.

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