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Chinese New Year

New Year is a great holiday for us. In many ways it's like Thanksgiving, an excuse to gather with friends and family and overeat. My mother is a 5 foot tall ball of energy. I think I once nicknamed her “the hurricane.” I get my love of cooking, entertaining and bossing people around from her. My parents are always amused by R and his willingness to eat things that they don't believe non-Asians will like. He knows two Chinese phases: “ho ho bao” - very very full and “bao do si” - full to death. He uses them a lot.


Here's what was on the table:


Roasted Duck – she prepared it herself and it took 30 minutes to explain the 3 day process.

Chow fun – my favorite rice noodles

Choy sum – veggies sautéed with garlic

Stew pig's feet and taro – I love pig's feet

Braised bamboo shoots and pig intestines – I love pig intestines, too

Bamboo fungus with shrimp balls – Bamboo fungus is hard to describe; you just have to try it to understand it.

Fried tofu fritters - so good.

Fish with more vegetables

Bok Choy soup

White rice


All of the food has some sort of symbolism that brings luck, prosperity, health or fertility. Chinese people can get a little superstitious sometimes. Hopefully, we ate enough to bring us a healthy happy year of the Ox.

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