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How many phone calls does a mug of cocoa take?

Call 1:

R: Hey, which cocoa do you use to make cocoa?

G: There is Valrhona in the Ghirardelli can, there is also Hersey’s.

R: Wait, there are 2 Ghirardelli cans.

G: There is a Chocolate Mocha one, which has chocolate mocha and then the plain one which is Valrhona.

R: Okay, bye.

Call 2:

R: On the risk of this turning in to a blog, how do you make the cocoa?

G: I do a ratio of 3 T of cocoa to 3T sugar to 8 ozs of milk.

R: Okay. 

After the second call, I decided it was worthy of a blog entry. Would R call again? Of course, he called as I was typing this.

Call 3:

G: Are you kidding me?

R: Um, should the milk be hot or cold?

G: are you heating it up in a pot or the microwave?

R: Pot.

G: Get the milk warm and then whisk the cocoa/sugar mixture in. Okay, bye.

R: Wait, wait. Where’s the whisk?

G: In the drawer of chaos.

R: Where’s the little whisk?

G: In the drawer of chaos.

R: Okay, I found it.


Will he call again? Dare I end this entry now? Stay tuned.

R’s Cocoa

3T unsweetened cocoa

3T Sugar

8ozs Milk

Heat milk in a sauce pan, add cocoa and sugar. Whisk (with a small whisk).

Tags: recipe, tidbit
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