gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Somewhere in hell, there is a room full of armless chickens waiting for me.

I’ve been on a wing eating spree lately. I get wings every Tuesday night at John Harvard’s, and usually that’s enough. However, a few weeks ago we skipped a Tuesday night and I was really craving wings, so I had to get some at Whatta Wing in Arlington on Saturday. They were good, crispy and not too oily. The next week I got my standard on Tuesday and then the very next day, I wanted more wings, so back to Whatta Wing, I went. The wing need continued, on Friday, I went to Coast Café in Cambridge and got a box of their fried chicken wings for lunch. They have excellent fried chicken there. Later that night, I was at Cambridge Brewing Company in Kendall Square with Steve. We wanted to go to Hungry Mother for a bite before the movie (Slumdog Millionaire – really excellent!), but it was a 45 minute wait, so, CBC it was. We walked in and on the specials board was sweet and sour wings. What could I do? I had to order them. They weren’t very good. The sweet and sour flavor was non-existent and the wings were dry from over frying.


I’ve been reading about Bon Chon. It’s a chain that specializes in Korean fried chicken. They are in NYC, but very recently, Privus Lounge has franchised it and people have been raving about the wings. Now, I don’t know what makes Korean fried chicken so special but for the sake of science I’m willing to find out.

Tags: cambridge, restaurant review
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