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Hot off the press in Central Sq.

We are always looking for new lunch places at work, the rotation of Whole foods, Basta Pasta and the corporate café across the street gets repetitive. The Globe ran a review a few weeks ago on a new sandwich shop in Central Sq., Hot of the press. They specialize in grilled panini.


Carol and I took a nice walk and found it, right next to Tavern on the Square on Mass ave. We both ordered the Southwestern turkey ($5.95) with avocado ($1 extra). It has smoked turkey, bacon, and spicy mayo. The bacon was nice and crispy, and the avocado was ripe. The grill melted the cheese nicely and it was a tasty sandwich. It came with a tiny pile of mesclun and a dill pickle spear (I wish more places would have ½ sours, they are infinitely superior).


We walked back and stopped at the Indian Spice Market and got gulab jamun, an Indian sweet doughy ball soaked in sugar syrup, for dessert. It was okay, but for $1.50 for 4 balls, can I really complain?

Tags: cambridge, restaurant review
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