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Chawanmushi – Japanese egg custard at Toraya, Arlington.

A sushi craving sent me and R to Toraya for dinner on Friday. The globe just ran an article about good, affordable sushi places last week and Toraya was on the list, so I was scared that it would be mobbed.


My fears were founded, it was more crowded than I have ever seen it, but we got 2 seats at the small counter and ordered 2 sushi and sashimi deluxe combos, fatty tuna sashimi, squid tempura and chawanmushi. I’ve never had chawanmushi before, but I love savory custards, so when I saw it on the specials board, I had to order it.


It was a steamed egg custard with chicken, ginkgo nuts, eel and fish cake slices. The egg was so tender and delicate. I think it was really the ginkgo nuts, which my mother cooks with all the time, but one bite and it was childhood all over again. Which is strange, because my mother’s steamed egg custard is usually plain. Ginkgo nuts would show up in soup and jook all the time. Either way, I loved it.


The rest of our dinner was excellent as always. I’m glad Toraya is getting some love in the press, it deserves it.



890 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA 02474

(781) 641-7477

Tags: arlington, restaurant review
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