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Korean Fried Chicken (this ain’t no KFC) – Privus Lounge, Allston

After a month of waiting, I finally experienced the glory that is Korean fried chicken. I convinced a group of co-workers to go to Privus Lounge after work, including Billy, the chicken lover. He was the one that enjoyed the Machu Picchu chicken so much that he went back 6 hours later for dinner:


Your choices are wings or drumsticks, and garlic soy or hot sauce. We ordered 2 large combos; one in each sauce. They warned us it would take 40 minutes. This was a little bizarre, but it was only 5:30pm when we got there, so maybe the oil needed to get to temp? I don’t know, but when the platters of glistening, golden brown chicken goodness arrived, it was well worth the 40 minute wait.


What makes KFC special? It’s hard to describe, it’s unlike any fried chicken I’ve had before. The crust is thin and ultra crispy, it’s almost like a chicken skin shell. You bite through the delicious crust and you get a mouthful of tender, moist succulent chicken. The wings are lightly glazed, almost painted on, so that the crust doesn’t get soggy from a thick, gloppy sauce. The hot wings were too hot for me, but Billy and John loved them. Billy was sweating up a storm, but he kept eating them. The garlic soy glaze was delicious; the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Carol stated it was the best fried chicken she has ever had. The drumsticks were gynormous. The wings came with a bowl of picked daikon. It was a good foil to the uber-spicy chicken.


I did a little research to figure out why KFC is different. Recipes tend to use a lighter flour; potato starch, rice flour, etc, which contributes to the light, thin crust. But I think the real secret is that the chicken is fried twice. I should have known; double frying is the secret to great French fries. It creates the crispiest of crusts.


I can not wait to go back. I hate that they aren’t open for lunch, but since they are open till 2am, I know where I’m getting my next late night wing fix. You have to go, you have to go now.

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