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Kolbeh of kabob, Cambridge

It’s a small Persian restaurant on Cambridge St, outside of Inman Sq. I’m sure during the day it does a brisk business for lunch for Cambridge Hospital across the street. At night, they offer table service and the portions increase along with the prices.


We were having dinner with R’s parents and we arrived at 7:30pm. The restaurant was half filled and we were able to get a large (but uncomfortable booth). Along with the complementary hummus, we started with a spinach yogurt spread that was reminiscent of tzakiki and roasted eggplant spread that was similar to baba ganoush. The spreads were all tasty, but the star was the hot, homemade taftoon (Persian flatbread) that came with everything. It was a little crispy on the outside, with just the right amount of chew.


I ordered the falafel and spinach pie combo. I thought the spinach pie was excellent; the pastry was flaky and the spinach had a nice tanginess to it. The falafel was over-fried and quite dry and hard. R had a beef skewer with sautéed barberries, shredded tangerine peel, sugar and saffron on top of basmati rice. I really liked his rice; the sweetness of the barberries and tangerine were a nice combination. I thought the beef was overcooked. Lenore had lamb shank in a tomato pomegranate sauce. The pomegranate flavor was too subtle, which is a nice way of saying I could not taste anything but lamb and tomato. Skip has a beef kabob.


For desserts, we had baklava (the phyllo was much too hard), Persian ice cream (not bad, similar to Indian Kulfi ice cream) and a rice pudding (way too much rose water).


By the time we left at 9:15pm, the place was packed. Service was a bit slow at the end. All in all, it was not a bad meal. I think the bread was really excellent, and would definitely go back for lunch.


Kolbeh of Kabob

1500 Cambridge St

Cambridge, MA

(617) 576-6567

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