gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Tango, Arlington

R and I attempted to go to Summer Shack on Thursday for “cheap date night,” but apparently, we missed it by a week. It was a winter promotion and it has ended. So, we decided to go to Tango instead.


R did the restaurant week menu and I decided to get the mixed grill for one. It included: short ribs, sausage, chicken, blood sausage, kidneys and sweetbreads and fried potatoes. I really enjoyed the short ribs and the sweetbreads, but the rest was overcooked. The kidneys were strong and minerally tasting and not in a good way. The fried potatoes were great, like really thick chips.


R’s meal started with a beef empanada. He loved it. It was sweet and savory with raisins and olives. His filet with Roquefort blue cheese was good; cooked correctly, but his sides (mashed potatoes and butternut squash) were underseasoned. Dessert was flan; it was okay, the texture was not quite smooth enough, but I liked the dulce de leche on the side.


Service was slow and inattentive; our meal took over 2 hours. The restaurant was packed due to restaurant week. It just reminded me why I like to avoid restaurant week. Let’s hope L’espalier on Friday is better.

Tags: arlington, restaurant review
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