gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,


I although I like cook, my real passion is baking. Many say that cooking is an art, baking is a science; I am a scientist (or at very least I’m not an artist). I have tons of leftovers from the cocktail party and while making dinner tonight (penne with homemade pesto, and diced tomatoes, all from mom’s uber-productive garden), I decided to get creative with the leftover red, orange and yellow peppers. My plan was to make a chilled pepper bisque. I tossed it all in to my trusty Kitchen Aid food professor, with some thyme, salt and pepper and pureed the hell out of it. It was a strange texture, so I strained it. The flavor was flat, so I added some cream. I kept tinkering with it and at the end I had what tasted like V8 and milk mixed together. Yuck. Like I said, not an artist.

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