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Aha! I think I know the secret of Bolognese!

My love of Sweet Basil and their spaghetti Bolognese is well documented, just check the flog. So when my co-worker Allison told me about the Cooking at Sweet Basil class through Needham Adult Education, I was really excited.


Chef/owner Dave Becker was funny, entertaining and a little zany. He made a fabulous polenta, which I plan to make really soon. The advertised menu was lamb osso bucco (but he made a stew instead), panezella (but he just served a green salad with fresh mozzarella and croutons. It was delicious, but not a panezella) and fra diavolo pasta(good, but nowhere near as good as the Bolognese). Dave also showed us a lemon honey wasabi dressing he wants to put on their new spring menu with pea tendrils and dehydrated asparagus.


When I tried the lamb stew it had a similar sweetness to the Bolognese sauce. I asked him if it was the carrots or the onions, or something else? Dave told me a nugget of knowledge, which alone, may be worth the $70 class fee. He used port wine in the stew and he also uses it for the Bolognese sauce. It makes so much sense; I can’t wait to try it.


I don’t know how much I learned, but the class was a lot of fun and great for all levels. I wish the food served was the menu advertised, but that’s okay, I still really enjoyed the class. I know that Needham adult ed has offered this class the last couple of sessions, so I’m sure it will be in their Summer catalog.
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