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Kowloon, Saugus

Let's get one thing straight; the food at Kowloon is mostly mediocre. The Phantom Gourmet goes on and on about the Saugus wings, but they were a sickly sweet, gloppy, gooey mess. I guess if you buy enough ad time for that show, they will rave about anything. The pad Thai was flavorless, as was the pork loin on the flaming pupu platter. There was some ok sushi, but Brian claimed that he couldn't taste the eel. The general Gao's chicken was covered in the ubiquitous sweet sauce. The general consensus was the food as “eh, okay.” However, despite the culinary shortcomings, I rather enjoyed my time at the Kowloon.


Sitting high on the hill on Route 1 north in Saugus, the Kowloon is a mammoth Chinese-turn-pan-Asian restaurant (don't confuse it with Jin Asian Cuisine, the even larger Chinese restaurant in Saugus). I was worried, as we were a group of 12 with no reservation on a Saturday night at 7pm, but we managed to get a table in less than 20 minutes. The entrance is a time machine that throws you back to the 70's. We walked past the sushi bar and the comedy club, through a series of smaller rooms till we stopped at a large table adjacent to a dance floor/ pirate ship deck. That's right, the whole room was done in a pirate ship motif. The menu is large; the Chinese portion of the menu is a throwback to the American Chinese Polynesian food of the 70's. There is also a sushi section, and a Thai section of the menu. Hell, the last page even has “American classics.” There is something for everyone.


The service was haphazard, with food coming out at all different times a la wagamama style. But the drinks were strong, Amy procured me 3 lei's to wear and I got R to dance on the pirate ship dance floor. The night was amusing, but I don't think I'll ever be back to the Kowloon.

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