gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Steamed lobster

Lobster is synonymous with luxury and indulgence; it’s not exactly a weeknight dinner. But the market for lobster has taken a hard hit with the rest of the economy and people don’t feel like they can afford it, so as a consequence the prices have really dropped. After my last appointment in Woburn on Monday, I was passing by the Market Basket and on a whim I went in to take a look at the lobster that people on have to posting about. They looked good, so I got two 1.5 pounders for $18 dollars total. At $6 a pound, it’s a steal.


I brought them home and steamed them myself. The rule of thumb is 8 minutes a pound, and let them rest for 5 minutes after that. I clarified some butter as the lobsters were steaming. 17 minutes later, R and I were enjoying a lovely lobster dinner on a Monday night for not much more than a takeout pizza.

Tags: recipe, seafood
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