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Chocolate Bacon Bar, part II

Part I -


After much hunting, and an extended phone call with the Vosges customer service, I discovered the Whole Foods Market by Symphony Hall is the only one in the area that has the bacon bar. All weekend long I suggested to R about going on a bacon bar hunt, but he wasn’t in to it. Today, my supervisor Kristen mentions that she is going to the Symphony area to pick up her clarinet. I told her about the bar and she was willing to pick up one for me!


I got it in my hot little hands after lunch. Vosges has directions on how to property eat their candy bar, it’s completely pretentious:  

How to Eat an Exotic Candy Bar...

See... first, there should be a glossy shine to the chocolate bar, this shows a good temper; rather, a tight bond between the cocoa butter and the cocoa mass.

Smell... rub your thumb on the chocolate to help release the aromas. Inhale the chocolate and ingredient notes deeply through your nose. Can you feel it?

Snap... quality chocolate should always be dry to the touch. Break the bar into two pieces. Hear a crisp, ringing snap, which indicates a well-tempered bar of chocolate.

Taste... place the chocolate on your tongue and press it to the roof of your mouth. Within thirty seconds, the chocolate should slowly begin to melt around your tongue. The taste should not be evanescent; it should have a long, lingering finish.

Feel... recognize the life in your body as you… benefit from the anti-oxidants in chocolate, ride the natural high of chillies, boost your immune system with some of the natural ingredients. Each bar brings its own sensations and benefits. Notice how spicy bars don’t hit you until after you have swallowed.

So how was it? Very subtle bacon flavor. I think the smoky and salty aspects of bacon come across much more than the porky aspect. I could have even used more meaty flavor. In the end, the bar is just another incarnation of the salty/sweet combo that has been around for ages. My friend Ishah used to love getting popcorn and Kit Kats at the movies and eating them together; the salt/butter/chocolate combo is the same.

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