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If only it was actually local to us. . .The Local, Newton

The Boston Phoenix had a weird review of this restaurant two weeks ago. The two paragraphs waxed on and on about the great fried calamari, only to have the third paragraph begin with “Oddly, they've since dropped calamari from the menu.” Gee, Robert Nadeau, that's really useful, thanks.


But the rest of the review was favorable enough that after a game of mini-golf (Ivan beat us all convincingly) I suggested checking out the Local for a bite. The bar area was packed with Red Sox fans watch the end of the game, but the dining area was open and we were seated right away.


I ordered the garlic roasted mushroom flatbread and really enjoyed it. It was a good size pizza with a thin, crispy, cracker crust and thick and meaty mushrooms. R and Betty both had lobster rolls and Ivan had the Kobe burger with bacon. Betty also had the fried pickles with spicy mayo. I extraneously ordered the truffled Parmesan fries, not realizing that the burger and the lobster rolls all came with fries.


I asked Ivan how the burger was and he replied, “It's good,” I told him that wasn't a blog worthy comment. Betty took and bite of the burger and said, “it's really good.” I told them I needed a more memorable comment like, “if I was a monkey, it would make me want to get up and dance,” or something to that effect. He had no further comment.


R thought his lobster roll was “okay, but it's not Red's.” I told him that was a meaningless comment because what is as good as Red's? Betty enjoyed the fried pickles, but felt that the serving size was too big and was sick of them by the end.


The service was friendly and attentive. I liked the food and the prices was quite reasonable. If it was closer to us, I could imagine going more often.


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