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Friendly Toast, Cambridge

It's stunning the amount of buzz this place has gotten. Although it opened up only a week ago, it was a 45 minutes wait for a table for two at 2:30pm on Sunday. I guess the original Friendly Toast in Portsmouth is a beloved institution and people are thrilled it has come to Cambridge in the One Kendall Square plaza.


I, for one, was not impressed. There is a disclaimer on the door that they have never trained 37 new staff at once before and to please be patient. I can appreciate that, and I can forgive slow, amateur service, as long as it's friendly. But food is a different story; Food always needs to be good.


We ordered a Pinky frappe (chocolate, vanilla and raspberries). When it came, our waiter apologized that they were out of the classic metal milkshake cups and that they ran out of vanilla, so our shake was 90% chocolate. That would have all been fine, if there hadn't been a million raspberry seeds clogging up the straw.


R had an Almond Joy cake (pancake with coconut, chocolate and almonds) and “green eggs and ham” (eggs Benedict with a herb hollandaise on top). I had a Greek scramble with cayenne cheese toast. The Almond Joy pancake was pretty good, although a little too sweet. Real maple syrup would be nice. R liked the eggs Benedict for the hollandaise sauce. My scramble was a disaster; it looked like an unappealing mess of over cooked eggs, feta, olives and sun dried tomatoes (hello, the 80's called, they want their ingredient back). Worse yet, the whole thing was bland, which in retrospect is a good thing because the limp home fries were massively overseasoned with paprika, so when I mixed them together it was a hair more palatable. Our server also forgot my toast, however, once it arrived, the thick slice of bread was delicious. I guess all their breads are homemade.


Maybe I'll give it another try once they have gotten settled in.

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