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Redbones, Somerville - Pig Pickin’

We failed at going last week, and as the sky turned gray and the rain descended in the afternoon, I was worried it wouldn’t happen this week either. But the BBQ gods were with us and the rain stopped. R and I got to Redbones at 6:30 (MJ was feeling sick, so she and Brian didn’t make it for attempt #2) and there was a small, but quick moving line. They block of Chester St. and do the event outside. The hogs were all laid out and there was vigorous chopping with a large cleaver. The cook handed out random pieces of pork as we waited to move up the line. I got a nice piece with crispy charred skin. There was cole slaw (boring), potato salad (good, but strangely like a cold mashed potato with mayo), corn (soggy), collards (fantastic), beans (didn’t get any), rolls, cornbread (a little dry) and pork, lots and lots of pork. The pig was great: smoky, tender and very flavorful. There’s nothing like crispy pork skin, either. We loaded up our plates and sat at the long tables outside. There was a large brass band and the music was fun and festive. It’s always a good time, I have no doubt we will be there next year, after all, we are all about philanthropy.

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