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LA, Part III

Day 4 – Dutch oven bakery, Bulgarini gelato, Malibu seafood


Dutch oven bakery is a small, neighborhood bakery in Altadena. It’s out of the way, and if it was not for the fact that we were already going to Bulgarini gelato, I would not have bothered, but I’m glad we did. We had a bear claw, a blueberry honey muffin and a mini sweet potato pie. All three were delicious and the owner was friendly.


Bulgarini gelato is the real reason to drive to Altadena. It was early for gelato (11am, but again, 2pm in Boston!) so we were the first people there. The owner was behind the counter and apologized that he was still setting up.  It was more than okay though, because he made it up to us by providing lots of samples. He kept handing sample spoons to us, without us asking. There is an array of classic flavors (chocolate, strawberry, etc) and unique ones (goat’s milk, yogurt with olive oil, crème anglaise). I loved the lemon cream gelato; it was my favorite. It was so smooth and creamy, with a nice balance of tart and sweet. R got the coffee cream and chocolate chip. I would dare say this gelato meets, if not surpasses the gelato I had in Rome. I wish I could find comparable gelato shop in Boston.


After a breakfast of pastries and gelato, we needed something savory for lunch. We cruised on the PCH towards Archit’s wedding and stopped at Malibu Seafood on the way. It’s the kind of seafood shack I love: eating good simple, fresh seafood at a picnic table outside. It’s right across from the water and has a lovely view. I read that the fish and chips were excellent and they were; 3 pieces of lightly battered, perfectly fried fish, with golden French fries. They were so good, I had to ask what kind of fish they used. It was Icelandic Cod.


That wraps up the LA report. My next trip is DC for bridge nationals in July!

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