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Chicken Fridays: Pollos a la Brasa El Chalan, East Boston

Back in April, the Globe ran an article about the Latin American chicken craze that has gripped Boston (What? You didn’t know Boston was in the midst of a chicken craze?). I forwarded it to my chicken-lovin’ co-worker Billy and Chicken Fridays were born. We decided that during the summer, we would hit each of the places that the Globe recommended and try the chicken ourselves.


Last week, we went to Pollos a la Brasa El Chalan in East Boston, the Globe’s favorite place. There were four of us, so we ordered a whole rotisserie chicken and it came with a mountain of fried plantains. The chicken was flavorful and moist, but the consensus was Machu Picchu in Somerville’s pollo a la brasa was better and a much closer drive.


Next: Pollo Campero, Chelsea


Globe article:

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