gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Chicken Fridays: Pollo Campero, Chelsea

Somehow, through all my research and reading I missed the fact that Pollo Campero is a fast food chain. As in a Guatemalan equivalent to KFC, complete with a sombrero wearin’ chicken logo. But that didn’t deter us (me, Billy and Allison) and we marched in to the restaurant and joined the line. Lucky, it wasn’t too crowded and a few minutes later we were seated with our plastic trays filled with fried chicken, beans, Spanish rice and fried plantains.


The chicken was crispy, moist and nicely seasoned. The crust is a thin shell of chicken skin, somewhat reminiscent of the Bonchon Korean Fried Chicken, but with different spices. I enjoyed my chicken, but I think the Bonchon chicken is better. Billy seems to favor Pollo Campero, but more because he enjoyed the sides as well. I think it’s a solid choice if you are in the area.


Next Chicken Friday: Buff’s in Newton. Allison says that it’s her favorite place for buffalo wings.

Tags: chelesa, restaurant review
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