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Sweet, Cambridge

How do you feel about cupcakes? Do you think they are a perfect sized afternoon snack? Or do you feel like it’s an overpriced cutesy trend that is so over?


I, for one, like them in theory. I think it’s nice when you want a taste of cake, but not a whole slice, and usually, they are so damn cute. But, the cutesy frosting can be greasy, or hard, and the small size makes cupcakes less forgiving about bake time. It’s easy to end up with a dry, mealy texture.


After the goodbye Il panino meal, we headed to Sweet, a new cupcake bakery in Harvard Square. Mansi loves their Caramel Macchiatto cupcake (espresso flavored cake filled with vanilla buttercream. Topped with cappuccino frosting and drizzled with caramel.) as well as their red velvet cake.


We arrived at 9pm (they close at 10) and the bakery case was virtually empty. R and I got two miniature dark chocolate cupcakes. Mansi expressed her sadness about the lack of red velvet and the guy went to the back and gave one for her that did not pass the bar for selling, but was still a fresh tasty cupcake. Nice.


I thought the minis suffered the dry problem, but the red velvet was moist and delicious. R really loved the buttercream frosting. I think I’ll be back to try the lemon raspberry.

Tags: bakery, cambridge, restaurant review
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