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Julie & Julia and La Voile, Boston

Julie & Julia is a cute and charming movie. It’s not a cinematic masterpiece, it’s not even particularly thought provoking. But, Meryl Streep is excellent in it and you do leave the theater smiling (and hungry). We were not planning on going out for dinner, but after two hours of watching French fare, lovingly prepared, there was really no choice. We headed to La Voile, a French Brasserie, that used to be in Cannes, but they, literally, picked up everything (the zinc bar, the tables and chairs, the wooden wine fridge, the marble console, chandeliers, sailing pictures, the knives, the entrance door and even the staff) and moved to Newbury St.


We arrived a little before 10pm and they were able to seat us immediately. It was a nice night, so we opted to sit outside, enjoying the occasional breeze. Coincidentally, it is restaurant week, so R did the 3 courses for $33. He had a delicious vegetable risotto; it was perfectly cooked with spring peas that popped in your mouth. For a main, he had banquette de veau, a very traditional white veal stew. It was a strange choice for a warm summer night, but he loved it. At once point, I thought he was going to pick up the bowl and lick it. It was comfort food personified; rich and creamy with mushrooms, carrots and thyme. I had mussels frites, which was excellent. The mussels were cooked in wine and cream and were plump and briny. My fries were not actually fried, but thickly sliced potato wedges cooked to a crisp in the oven.


Dessert was a small crème brulee. It had the requisite caramelized sugar top that shattered on impact with my spoon. The vanilla flavor was quite pronounced, and enhanced by some liquor, maybe brandy? The custard was looser than I like it, but that was the only flaw. The prices were reasonable and our waiter’s French accent was real. R already plans on going back for more banquette de veau. He also wants me find a recipe and try making it. Anyone have a Mastering the Art of French Cooking handy?


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