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EVOO, Somerville

Let’s play a game. It’s called ‘How much food should one order?’


How many appetizers should a party of 4 order? 4, you say? Correct!


How many entrees should a party of 4 order? 4, you say? Correct!


How many desserts should a party of 4 order? 4, you say? Nope, sorry, thanks for playing.


The answer, if you are me, R and our friends Peggi and John is 6. Have you ever ordered dessert by telling the waitress what you don’t want? That’s what I did. There were 9 desserts and I told her we wanted all of them, minus the fruit desserts (bowl of berries, nectarine crisp, and fruit sorbets). We had: a honey cardamom crème brulee, chocolate truffle cake, bourbon pecan pie, chocolate - banana bread pudding, lemon tart, and a panna cotta. Sadly, the only dessert that impressed me was the bourbon pecan pie; it had a great crust and nice balance of toasted nuts and gooey filling. The crème brulee was gritty, like crystallized honey and panna cotta had textural issues (no, it did not wobble like a woman’s breast).  The rest were fine, but nothing noteworthy.


As for the rest of the meal, I had littleneck clams to start, which were quite good and I enjoyed my scallop entrée as well. R’s entrée was the stand out for the night; it was called "Duck, Duck, Goose" and consisted of duck confit, duck foie gras, and goose breast. Everything on his plate, especially the confit was delicious. He started with corn bisque; it was also light and refreshing.


Our service was good and the bread basket had all homemade bread, including these great crispy cheese breadsticks.


The next day, R said to me, “we should have really ordered the nectarine crisp, too.”

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