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I conquered the popcorn

There are two things in cooking I can not seem to master. The first is deep fat frying. I’m not embarrassed about this; it really hard to get the temperature just right. If the oil is too hot, you burn the outside and the inside is raw, too cold and you get a greasy, soggy mess. Bri is highly skilling in the frying arena, so I just leave it to him.


The second thing, though, is embarrassing. I can’t microwave popcorn. I either burn it, or half the kernels are left unpopped. This amuses my co-workers to no end, as they seem to think all I do is whip up gourmet meals and magnificent baked goods at home. We joke that I need supervision when I am about to pop a bag.


But today, there was no one around when the 3pm popcorn craving hit. So I bravely stuck in a mini bag of Orville Redenbacher’s buttery salt and cracked pepper from their natural popcorn line and hit the timer. Two minutes and fifteen seconds later, a perfect popped bag of popcorn merged. There are exactly 7 kernels left in the bottom of the bag. I’m so proud of myself. J


BTW, the buttery salt and cracked pepper popcorn is pretty good; the black pepper gives it quite a kick. This is not a popcorn for children.



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Aug. 28th, 2009 01:25 pm (UTC)
good job conquering the popcorn :) I know it been a long struggle!!

P.S. happy to DFF for you any time
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