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Tupelo, Cambridge

I don’t often blog about repeats to a restaurant, especially when it has only been a few months in between visits, but our second meal at Tupelo is worth writing about. We were having dinner with R’s parents on Saturday night. It was just reviewed in the Phoenix on Thursday, so I was worried that we would not be able to get a reservation, but I guess there are upsides to a bad economy.


We started with the fried oysters and deviled crab salad, both of which we had before. The oysters were still plump and well fried, and the crab salad was still mundane.


Tupelo was offering a fried chicken and rib special that night. This made me very happy. I complained in my last post that they can not call themselves a southern comfort food joint without serving fried chicken. Now there was fried chicken and with ribs to boot! Double score.


R had the daube of beef, while I had the special; in a fit of originality, my in-laws ordered the same. Daube of beef is basically beef, slowly braised in red wine. Tupleo’s version is served atop mashed potatoes with a corn and red pepper salsa. The beef was meltingly tender and flavorful. My chicken was also a success; a perfect rendition of classic southern fried goodness. The pork ribs were passable, a second fiddle to the chicken.


The best dessert was the pecan pie, although it was not superior to EVOO’s version from a few weeks ago. R’s banana pudding pie was finished with a meringue topping, which I thought was an odd choice. The rich and thick chocolate frosting tried its hardest to save the cake from dryness, but failed. The online menu listed a red velvet cake, which I promised my friend Kim, I would try, but sadly, they were not offering it that night. Sorry, Kim!


I read that they sometimes have chicken fried steak as a special on Sundays. I desperately need to find good CFS in Boston, so I’ll be back for that.

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