gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Ribs and more ribs.

It was rib night at Mj and Brian’s on Friday. We had two kinds of ribs; pork shoulder ribs from the CSA. These were thick, meaty country-style ribs. I also got spare ribs from Costco. These ribs might be the best deal in town; for $15, I got two full racks of huge meaty ribs. Mj marinated the country-style ribs; I used mustard and Lawry’s seasoned salt for the spareribs. For both types, we used the same basic recipe for ribs in the oven:


-         Broil ribs till they get a nice golden brown sear

-         Bake ribs at 300 for 90 minutes.

-         Cover with foil, bake for another 90 minutes. Meat should be tender.


I think the ribs turned out really well, they were tender and juicy. I think I over salted the ribs; so next time I’ll use a spice rub instead.

Tags: entrees, meat, recipe
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