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Peter Luger and dinner with Glenn Close (kinda)

I ran my first 5K on Saturday in NYC and I did it under 2 seconds under my goal, 34:58.


To celebrate, a meal at Peter Luger seemed not only appropriate, but necessary. We dined with Wendy (who also ran), her husband Shane and their baby. Surprisingly, it was R that first noticed Tate Donovan walking in. When Tate’s party was seated at the table right next to us, I realized I was sitting adjacent to Glenn Close on one side and Rose Bryne on the other. We later discovered the fourth member of their party was Brendan Cowell, Rose’s boyfriend. I just want to know, where was Ted Danson and why was he left out of this Damages dinner party?


Rose ordered salmon. Who orders fish at Luger’s??? The other three shared the porterhouse for 3, although Glenn had to be convinced by the waiter. She kept asking, “What is the smallest steak you have? Can I just have a small filet mignon?” The waiter did not seem fazed by her celebrity and was like, “lady, you want to order the porterhouse.”


Back to our meal.


We started with their bacon appetizer; it was sublime. Thick, luscious slices of bacon, cut ¼” inch thick. Then on to the steaks; we, or course, got two porterhouses for 2 (the only entrée you should ever order at Luger’s. I’m talking to you, Rose Bryne). They came sizzling hot, bathed in butter and meat juice, and a perfect medium rare.


Here is the thing that amazes me about Peter Luger; over time your memory becomes distorted and exaggerated. It results in disappointment when you revisit things a second time. But, not at Peter Luger; the steak has never let me down. It is as magnificent and orgasmic now as it was over a decade ago when I first had it. The first bite is so tender, juicy and flavorful; you feel sadness for all the cows in the world that do not have the honor and privilege of being a Luger steak. You may think this is all hyperbole, but it is not.


We skipped dessert, as the baby was getting fussy and that’s fine. They have good desserts and all are served with the biggest bowl of whipped cream you’ve ever seen, but the focus of any visit should be on the meat.


I have a new resolution; I will not have a year of my life go by without having a steak at Peter Luger.

Tags: meat, new york, restaurant review
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