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Shake Shack, NYC

There’s a lot of love out there for the Shake Shack burger. It won the South Beach food and wine festival burger competition a few years ago, and people will wait in 60 – 90 minute long lines for it.


We went to the upper west side location on 77th and Columbus (the original is in Madison Square Park) on Saturday. We avoided any potential lines by getting there 15 minutes before they opened. By 11:10am, we were tucking in to a double cheeseburger and a black and white shake. They refused to cook my burger to medium rare, stating that they did “rare, medium and well done, no in-between.” Anyone else find this bizarre?


The standard shake shack burger is a plain 4oz patty, on a soft potato bun. You can opt to have it with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and American cheese. There is no choice of cheeses and no bacon to be found. It is somewhat reminiscent of an In-N-Out burger in it delicious simplicity. The only difference? The cost; one double cheeseburger and shake will cost you $12 bucks compared to the $4 bucks at In-N-Out. The shake is made with frozen custard; it is thick, rich and creamy.


All in all, it’s a good, solid burger but not worth an hour’s wait. I’m still waiting for the day In-N-Out invades the East coast.

Addendum: Thanks to the commenter that reminded me about the fries. Wendy got an order of the cheese fries. At first glance they look like the crinkle cut fries of my childhood school lunch: frozen and mealy. They were also drenched in a liquid orange cheese sauce (think Velveeta). But the fries are surprisingly crispy and fresh tasting and the sauce is addictively good. I would rather have the sauce on the side to dip into instead of on top, but the fries retained their crunch so, I’m not complaining. Shake Shack claims they are 25% less fat, too!
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