gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

North End: North End Market Tour & Ernesto’s

It was a thoughtful gift from Mj and Brian from last Christmas; the four of us went on a food tour of the North End. It is run by Food Tours of Boston, and it was a 3 hour walking tour of the North End with stops in 6 different shops, complete with samples. Our tour guide was friendly and seemed knowledgeable enough. The shops included Salumeria Italiana, where we tried a selection of cured meats and cheeses and Maria’s Pastry Shop. I think that the North End tour would be great for out of town guests that are unfamiliar with Boston, but I don’t think I really learned that much.


We went to Ernesto’s for pizza afterwards; R and I shared a “slice” of mushroom and pepperoni. A single slice is a fourth of a large pizza, so it is an ample meal. The pizza was delicious; the toppings were flavorful and the crust had a satisfying chew.

Tags: boston, pizza
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