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Savino’s Grill, Belmont

It was an okay meal. That’s the best that I can say about Savino’s Grill, a restautrant the bills itself as serving Italian Mediterranean cuisine in Belmont. Everything was okay. We were there for dinner on Friday night with R’s parents. The reviews I had read said that the food was good but that many had a horrible experience with the service. The restaurant was never more than half full, so we had perfectly fine service. The braised short rib was clearly the best of the appetizers; the frittata and the warm spinach salad were decent.


R ordered the pork chop for an entree, and the waiter asked him how he wanted it cooked. We found this a little strange, as pork is supposed to be cooked through. It is not like beef or fish. R looked to me and I decided medium well would be safe enough. It was the first time in my life I’ve have ordered anything medium well. His pork was okay and I liked the wild rice that came with it. It was toasty and nutty. Lenore’s free from spinach lasagna was more like wide spinach noodles (not even lasagna width) swimming in cream sauce with chunks of squash. Skip had the Bolognese with egg noodles. It was (say it with me) okay; the sauce did not have the unctuousness I associate with the long simmered sauce.


Dessert was a chocolate mousse cake, a walnut tart and a fruit crisp. All were about the level I would expect from a Trader Joe’s dessert.


The meal was surprisingly pricy - $180 for four. I, certainly, will not be back. I think if you are in Belmont and want Italian, you should head to Il Casale, for far superior food.

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