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Radius, Boston

The honors for the burger at Radius abound; it took the prize for best burger at the South Beach Food and Wine festival last year, won Best of Boston 2009, and many other accolades. It is a 9 ounce ground chuck patty (from Savenor’s) with horseradish mayo, aged cheddar and crispy onions on a toasted brioche roll. If you want more details (and pics) check out Kenji Alt’s massive post on the burger.

Saturday was our 6 year anniversary and given that R’s favorite food of all time is still the humble hamburger, I thought it was time to try the Radius burger. It used to be only available at the bar, but you now can order it in the dining room. You have to know about it, though, as it is not listed on the menu. Don’t get the wrong idea; Radius is an upscale, four star restaurant serving modern French fare. R was the only man in the room not wearing a button down shirt.

Our amuse bouche was a salmon tartare wrapped in pickled napa cabbage. It was good; like the love child of sushi and kimchi. The rolls were a perfectly crusty sourdough, served hot.

R started with the crunchy sweetbreads. They were perfectly cooked and delicious. I decided to go with the $45 three course prix fixe menu. I choose a creamy parsnip soup. It was garnished with roasted chestnuts and currants. It had a spicy kick that was offset by the sweetness of the currants. It was good, but I enjoyed Mj’s parsnip soup from faux Thanksgiving more.

The burger did not disappoint; it was perfectly cooked, juicy and flavorful. I loved the crispiness of the fried onions with the tender meat and brioche bun. The fries were thinner than I like mine; reminiscent of an awesome upscale version of McDonald’s.

My swordfish was a disappointment; it was overcooked and the garnish of chickpeas did nothing for me.

Although a chocolate cake-like dessert came with my prix fixe, we still ordered the crème burlee and their signature “Boston crème donuts” R was pleased that they had skim milk as an option and that the milk came well chilled.

The chocolate dessert is dry and boring; we each had a bite and abandoned the rest. The crème burlee was better; it had good creamy texture and vanilla flavor. The donuts were hot mini donut holes with a pot of chocolate ganache and a pot of vanilla crème to dunk in. It was a fun and tasty dessert. The petit fours at the end included a mouthpuckeringly tart kalamansi lime gelee, which I loved.

Our service was friendly and attentive. I think that I should never bother with prix fixe menus. Although $18 may seem steep for a burger, I think it was worth it. It beat the pants off of the Craigie on Main burger, in my opinion.
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