gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Capital Grille, Burlington

After telling my friend Allison about the Radius burger, she mentioned that her husband Gary really likes the burger at Capital Grille. So, in the name of Science (our nickname for R’s stomach) we had to try it out.


Their “signature burger” is a chopped sirloin patty with onions, bacon and havarti on an onion roll. It was cooked correctly and had decent flavor. I think at $16, I expected more. R thought it was okay and bestowed on it the comment, “I would have it again, if I was in the area.”


I had the grilled swordfish and despite my telling our server I wanted it very rare, it still came a shade overcooked. Why can’t anyone get my swordfish right?!


I guess in the culinary wasteland of Burlington, it’s a decent place to grab an overpriced lunch.

Tags: burlington, restaurant review
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