gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

McDonald’s Sweet Chili Sauce

I hate being so susceptible to commercials, but if you have been watching as much Olympic coverage as I have, you have seen the McDonald’s Sweet Chili sauce commercial more times than you have fingers and toes. It was probably around viewing #15 that I thought to myself, “gee, I wonder if it’s any good.”  My curiousity wasn’t high enough to merit a trip to McD’s, but my friend Nate is a frequent flyer there, so I gave him an assignment: try the sauce, report back.


He did one better; he brought me my own plastic tub, so that I could experience it first hand. So, now I had a dilemma; how should I try the sauce? I thought about trying it straight up, but that seemed gross. It felt like a McNugget was the proper vehicle, but then why did I bother sending Nate? Ultimately, I decided the best sample would be using chicken wings from Coast Café, an awesome soul food place near work.


I lifted the foil top and revealed a light pink, viscous, gloppy sauce, looking mighty similar to duck sauce. The taste test confirmed it; it is duck sauce with a light sprinkling red pepper flakes.


I won’t be running (or skating) to a McDonald’s for the sauce anytime soon.

Tags: tidbit
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