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It is with much sadness that I report that our favorite dining companions, Mj and Brian, are moving across the country next month. So, before they left this coast, they decided a visit to Peter Luger was imperative. And as long as we were going to Peter Luger. . .we might as well stop in New Haven for our own little pizza throwdown. Thus, a little food filled getaway was born.


Momofuku Milk Bar


David Chang, chef/owner/wunderkind of the Momofuku Empire has opened a bakery called Milk Bar. It’s impossible to get a reservation at his other restaurants, but Milk Bar is just a small bakery space with counter service and no seating. We ordered all four cookies offered: Compost (pretzels, butterscotch chips, and other assorted snack foods), Cornflake (with marshmallows and chocolate chip, Chocolate-chocolate and Blueberries and crème. I was disappointed with the cookies, especially since I had read so much about the compost cookie. We also tried a slice of Crack Pie, which is like Pecan pie filling, without the pecans – buttery, sugary and rich. We had the signature pork buns which were delicious and completely deserving of their fame. The milkshakes were underwhelming (Christina’s beats them, hands down). I liked the pork buns enough that I still want to try to get a reservation at Momofuku Ko, somehow.


Peter Luger


Peter Luger was, is and always will be the gold standard against which I measure all steak. Our porterhouses were perfectly cooked and phenomenal as always. We sopped up every last drop of buttery meat juice with our meat and then the onion bread. Dessert was cheesecake, pecan pie and key lime pie (for Mj), and a huge bowl of whipped cream. I guess Mj and Brian are really going to leave, because if Peter Luger doesn’t convince them to stay, nothing will. Sigh.


The Spotted Pig


We had brunch with Mj, Brian, Christine and her boyfriend Adam at Spotted Pig, April Bloomfield’s gastropub in the West village. Luckily, all 6 of us ordered different entrees so I was able to taste a lot of the menu.  Christine ordered the signature blue cheese burger; the cheese was too aggressive for me, but R loved it. We all enjoyed the mountain of shoestring fries that came with it.


R enjoyed his French toast with bananas and whipped cream. My Dutch baby pancake was thinner than I expected, but still quite tender. I really liked Mj’s corned beef hash with the perfectly poached eggs. Brian got a soft boiled duck egg on a salad of pancetta and endive. Mj thought the dressing was too mustardy, but I liked it. Adam got a tart, which I didn’t try; he liked it but proclaimed the pastry “a little oily”


I will definitely have to come back for dinner some time.


Magnolia Bakery


It turns out the Spotted Pig is only a few blocks away from Magnolia, made famous by it’s appearance in Sex and the City, sparking the cupcake trend that has gripped the country and refuses to let go. I’ve had the infamous cupcakes before and I was unimpressed, but R had to try them for “Science.” Enter a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, a yellow cake with vanilla frosting and a red velvet mini cake. I’m still unimpressed with the pedestrian cake and overly sweet frosting.


Pizza Throwdown, New Haven


For years I’ve been saying we should hop in to a car, drive to New Haven and compare and contrast Pepe’s and Sally’s pizza for ourselves, but we couldn’t rationalize the 2 hour drive. At last, we had an opportunity to do so. We arrived in front of Pepe’s at 4pm and Mj and I got a large classic pie (tomato and cheese) to go, while R and Brian waited in line for Sally’s (they open at 5 and do not offer take out). By 4:30pm, the four of us were scarfing down pizza from one place as we waited for the other; it was brilliant and ridiculous all at the same time. We were the envy of our line compatriots.


At 5pm, the doors opened and we were part of the first seating (we were second in line, after the people who had reservations filed in). Drinks and orders were slowly taken and we waited for round 2 of our pizza adventure. Fast forward an hour and 45 minutes and we were still waiting for our large cheese pizza. The pies were taking so long to get out, a girl paid the table behind us $20 for 2 slices of pizza, because she had to go and didn’t want to leave empty handed after hours of waiting in line and at the table. At 6:48pm, our pizza arrived, and it was delicious. It had a great thin crust, with balanced sauce and gooey cheese. All four of us preferred it to Pepe’s, but it’s not worth the 108 minute wait. Neither is worth a 2 hour drive.


We rolled in to our cars and parted ways. With much sadness, R and I are taking applications to replace them as our favorite dining companions, any takers?

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