gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Ramen at Blue Ginger, Wellesley

I know I just wrote about Blue Ginger, but we had lunch with Mj and Brian there before they jetted off to the West Coast. It was a fitting last meal, with lots of delicious stuff but most notable was the ramen. It was unbelievably good; unlike any ramen you have had before. This is not the ramen you made in your dorm room in college. This was their house miso ramen, which is white miso and caramelized onion broth with noodles and your choice of sliced pork or chicken. We went with the pork, and it was a phenomenal bowl of soup. The noodles were toothsome and satisfying and the pork was tender, but the star of the show was the broth, the delicious miso and onion broth. You could hear the four of us making slurping sounds mixed in with murmurs of appreciation for the soup. This soup tastes like it could cure anything from the common cold to a broken heart.


At $12 a bowl, it’s not unreasonable to stop for a quick, filling, satisfying and delicious bowl of ramen for lunch. It’s available Monday through Friday during lunch and all day Saturday, in the lounge only.

Tags: restaurant review, wellesley
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